Living & Dining Area


All of our villas have a large veranda that opens up to the garden (in front of the semi-closed kitchen and the bedrooms). The living area is under a soaring thatched roof and offers magnificent views of the mountains, the volcanoes of Java and the ocean. Because the villas are located 90 meters above sea-level, cooling breezes can be felt, which make living ultimately comfortable in a tropical climate. The living area has a lounge area with a built-in large sofa. The dining-pavilion sticks out into the garden under a third roof and has a large teak-wood dining table with comfortable chairs. The villa’s floors are made of handmade (off-white) polished cement floor-tiles and give the living areas a spacious, open ‘Ballroom’ feel.


On top of the bedrooms and kitchen, directly under the traditional thatched roofs every villa has extra living and/or bed/bathroom space. The upstairs areas have a library and lounge-area with TV and DVD-player.