I was speechless when I first entered


The landlord was awesome. This is first time I used Airbnb. Unfortunately I had to change my reservation two times but the landlord was very patient. The scenery from the airport to the villa was very beautiful, and the driver was very kind. The water quality in the nearby sea is very good. There are many fish on the pier. The beach is very quiet. There are a lot of monkeys. The view of the villa is so beautiful! I was speechless when I first entered. I recommended it to all my friends and colleagues. There was even a small lotus villa pond, we saw the lotus opening. There is a big gecko in the small pavilion on the lawn. It may have built a nest on the top of the pavilion. I went to see him every night. We had our breakfast and dinner in the villa. Breakfast is included in the accommodation fee, dinner needs to be ordered. I think the price is still quite appropriate. I did not expect such a beautiful place. I only booked two nights but next time I will make my stay longer. Don’t forget the national Park and diving.