The most intimate and comfortable service

最棒的villa 最贴心舒适的服务 主人和服务人员都非常nice 朴素 细心 villa宽阔明亮 傍山依海 安静 自然 适合全家人的休养或者一个人的独处 都很棒 后山就可以看到美妙的风景 专车去往沙滩也是几分钟路程 超舒适的体验

The best villa The most intimate and comfortable service. The owner and the service staff are very nice. The simple and attentive villa is wide and bright. The mountains are quiet and natural. It is suitable for the whole family to recuperate or the solitude of one person is great. You can see the wonderful scenery in the back hill. Going to the beach is also a few minutes of super comfortable experience

Zoe, Shanghai